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Industrial Water Treatment
Comprehensive Environmental Services in Drilling
Comprehensive Environmental Services in the Petrochemical Industry
Chemical and Oil Spill Management
Cleaning, Restoration, and Waterproofing of Pits
Incineration of Hazardous Waste
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Environmental Services

  • Welcome to Evergreen Service C.A.! We are the leading environmental services company in Venezuela, dedicated to providing comprehensive and sustainable solutions since 1994. With our experience and commitment to environmental preservation, we offer a wide range of services tailored to your environmental needs. From ecological waste management to innovative solutions, our experienced team ensures a cleaner and greener future for everyone. Join our mission to protect and preserve the Venezuelan environment!

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    Advanced Technology

    • We use the most advanced eco-friendly equipment to treat hazardous waste, and we continually invest in newer and more efficient environmental technology.

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    • We offer a wide range of services that can be done at our clients’ operation sites or at our Comprehensive Waste Management Centers (CWMCs).

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    First Class Facilities

    • Evergreen Service, C.A. has 3 centers of operations, located strategically to offer our clients our comprehensive environmental services.

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    Social Responsibility

    • Evergreen Service, C.A. is dedicated to the social development of Venezuela, supporting local communities and social causes through partnerships, foundations, and local and national organizations.

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    Human Capital

    • Our staff is well-trained and has extensive experience managing, treating, and disposing of waste. They are trained to find innovative solutions for the challenges they face.

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    Venezuelan Roots

    • Evergreen Service, C.A. is a company proudly founded in Venezuela in 1994. We have been dedicated for 29 years to the maintenance and stability of the Venezuelan ecosystem. The company works for the conservation of the environment for the Venezuelan people.

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