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Comprehensive Waste Management Center (CWMC) Santa Rosa

CWMC Santa Rosa is an innovative and advanced hazardous waste management center located on Anaco to La Ceiba road, 25 kilometers from the city of Anaco. It is 351 meters above sea level, comprises approximately 121.60 hectares, and is located at 9º 36’ 58’’ N, 64º 18’ 24’’ E.

CWMC Santa Rosa has about 240 plots for treating soil, drill cuttings, and drilling mud. It can be expanded to a larger number of plots, of an area approximately 3,000 m2, where the incineration process by thermal degradation is carried out, as well as of an area approximately 20,000 m2, where effluent treatment is done, to mention some of the processes done on the plots.

This CWMC uses first-rate technologies to execute its environmental processes, such as; bioremediation of contaminated soils from oil or other industries, treatment of drilling mud and drill cuttings generated by well drilling, incineration of domestic and industrial waste via thermal degradation, treatment of effluents of domestic and industrial origin by coagulation and flocculation, ultrafiltration and recovery of heavy residual water (brine) made by drills, drilling wells, or industry in general, treatment of waste oils and hydrocarbons generated by various industries, and recovery of residual hydrocarbons in oil pits, among others. In addition, the facility performs related administrative activities with waste management and the Department of Quality, Environment, Security, and Occupational Health.

The center operates 24 hours a day with a professional staff that is experienced in providing environmental services. Moreover, CWMC Santa Rosa has a onsite laboratory unit that monitors final disposal processes, in which physical-chemical parameter tests are conducted on wastes in treatment, allowing workers to track the state and progress of the disposal process, which is to be executed in accordance with environmental regulations.

In addition, the center employs EGSTRAK, a software tool that controls and tracks the waste entering the facility; this means the center knows the state, characteristics, and location of the waste at any moment. This information can easily be verified by our clients, ensuring our treatments’ success.

The main headquarters and CWMC Santa Rosa are continuously in communication with each other, as both facilities cooperate to organize projects and activities that require an interdisciplinary team from both centers. This guarentees that our information and communication networks stay up-to-date, and that operations at Evergreen Service, C.A. remain informed and in-touch with each other.