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Environmental Remediation and Management of Crude Oil and Chemical Spills

If an oil or chemical spill occurs, Evergreen Service, C.A. can recover the oil or chemicals spilled on the water or soil. During such operations, we always take the greatest care for the environment and our staff.

We have an extensive inventory of natural and synthetic absorbent products, such as Canadian moss, hay bales, particulate absorbents, cloths, rolls, and sorbent booms, as well as a wide range of specialized equipment for containment and spill control, such as containment booms, portable tanks, pumps, and drum skimmers, among others.

The contaminated soil from the spill can be treated on site or can be transferred to our facilities for the appropriate treatment. If the treatment is to be in house, the used absorbent products would be transported to our facilities, where thermal degradation would be applied.