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Absorbent Materials

Evergreen Service, C.A. offers an expansive and superb line of hydrocarbon absorbent materials for hydrocarbon, for any industrial situation.

Our products are divided into three types: natural, recycled, or synthetic. All of these types can be used for small or large-scale spill collection work on water or land, tool cleaning, leak control, or as a kit in cargo transport vehicles.

We offer the following absorbent materials:

Absorbent Booms.

Due to their high buoyancy and ability to cover long distances through connecting hooks, polypropylene booms are ideal for cleaning up and containing ground spills, work area spills, and supernatant oil in water.

Absorbent Rolls and Pads.

Rolls and cloths pads of polypropylene are ideal for absorbing spills on water, ground, floors, workshops, assembly lines, and other work areas. They are also useful for cleaning tools and equipment, or for containing spills in flow lines.

Hay Bales.

Due to their hydrophobic properties, hay bales, made of aspen wood fibers, have a high capacity to absorb oil. They can be used as barriers on soil or water to minimize the environmental impact of a spill.

Sacks of Particulate Canadian Moss.

Dry Canadian moss, which stimulates the degradation of hydrocarbons, has a high capacity for hydrocarbon absorption in soil, allowing for on-site remediation.

Sacks of Particulate Recycled Paper Fibers.

Particulate recycled paper fibers are manufactured to be oleophilic. The material can float on water for long periods of time, allowing it to absorb and remove even the smallest traces of supernatant hydrocarbons without altering the aquatic environment.

Spill Kits for 20, 55, and 95 Gallon.

Our spill containment material kits are ideal for cleaning up messes in workshops, transport units, work camps, or other work areas. The kits contain a group of absorbent materials for different uses, such as cloths, booms, pads, and bags for final waste disposal.