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Comprehensive Waste Management Center (CWMC) Loma Linda

CWMC Loma Linda is a modern, expertly-handled hazardous waste management center located 20 kilometers from the town of San Tomé, close to the city of El Tigre. It is 244 meters above sea level, comprises approximately 150 hectares, and is located at 9º 5’ 27’’ N 64º 4’ 8’’ E.

The centre has approximately 280 plots for treatment processes, such as the bioremediation of contaminated soil originating from oil or other industries, and the treatment of drilling mud and drill cuttings generated by well drilling, among others.

CWMC Loma Linda is also part of the effective communications system between CWMC Santa Rosa and the main headquarters in Anaco, which allows a constant and real-time exchange of information between the three centers. The staff also uses the software tool EGSTRAK, which obtains information about the state, characteristics, and location of waste entering the facility at any moment. This information can easily be verified by our clients, ensuring our treatments’ success.

In addition, CWMC Loma Linda has a onsite laboratory unit that monitors final disposal processes, in which physical-chemical parameter tests are conducted on wastes in treatment, allowing workers to track the state and progress of the disposal process.