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Bioremediation of Contaminated Soils

The bioremediation of soil consists of the elimination of oil and grease through the use of microogranisms that can degrade these hydrocarbons.

The soils contaminated with hydrocarbons are treated through the use of aerobic microorganisms, capable of degrading hydrocarbons under the appropriate conditions of aeration and humidity, and nutrients and bacterial promoters, such as fertilizers, manure, and vermicompost. This process guarentees a thorough and rapid degradation of the pollutants in the soil.

In addition to degrading hydrocarbons, we monitor and control other factors like soil pH, Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR), and Base Saturation, all of which may have changed at the time of contamination.

The parameters in Article 50 of Decree 2,635 establish the necessary conditions to evaluate when a given volume of soil, subject to treatment, is safe for final disposal.